Titan Key has Grown On Me

It took a 2 years. Maybe 3. But I’ve finally coming around to using my Titan Security Key regularly. It’s still only really supported by Google-family stuff + GitHub, but that’s what I use most.

The rise in the Titan Key’s utility probably comes down to a few factors, pun intended:

  • my Google Authenticator app now has dozens of services in it, so lots of scrolling is required to find the right MFA code
  • working from home all the time makes the extra dongle less of a hassle. I don’t have to pull it in and out of my laptop, or have it protude awkwardly.
  • at the start of COVID, I bought a Dell U3812DW monitor, which has USB-C power delivery and effectively acts as a USB hub; so that also frees up a few ports on my Macbook.

I just wish a few more services supported the U2F standard.