A listing of a few projects I’ve worked/am working on:

Worklytics – Worklytics is a data-driven talent development platform for technology companies, integrating data from common SaaS productivity tools (Google Apps, GitHub, Asana, JIRA, etc) to provide continual views of what people and teams.  This data is augmented with feedback gathered from relevant peers, to provide a complete view of performance.  Worklytics offers the following products:

  • 360 Performance Reviews
  • On-boarding Checkins
  • Team and Personal Analytics

Past Work

Amazon S3 API binding for Google Apps Script – Google’s provided ScriptDB limits objects to 100KB. I needed more, so I wrote a (very simple) library to store things to S3 via the Amazon Web Services REST API.

Economic Hierarchical Q-Learning –  My senior thesis (pdf), advised by David C Parkes, applied economic approaches to the problem of hierarchical reinforcement learning.  The thesis won a Thomas T. Hoopes prize for outstanding undergraduate research.  We published a conference paper based on the work, entitled Economic Hierarchical Q-Learning, at AAAI’08.