Erik is a founder of Worklytics, a people analytics platform.  Worklytics provides real-time analysis of an organization’s Employee Experience, and actionable insights to help teams improve.

He’s also been a board member of ReviewPro and an investor/adviser in Nomad Goods and BigML.

Prior to Worklytics, Erik was the CTO of Tuenti, a technology company based in Madrid, Spain that operates a social communication app and mobile operator in Spain and Latin America.  Tuenti was acquired by Telefónica in 2010.  Previously, he worked at Facebook and co-founded Essembly.com (now Causes / Brigade Media).

Erik has an A.B. in Computer Science from Harvard College.  His senior thesis, entitled “Economic Approaches to Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning”, was awarded the Hoopes Prize for outstanding undergraduate research.

He also occasionally tweets (@eschultink).  Otherwise, there’s AngelsList (erik-schultink), Github (eschultink), LinkedIn (erikschultink), and Quora (Erik-Schultink).

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